Why should I use your service instead of buying parts myself?2019-03-08T08:48:29+00:00

If you know the European market of used car parts dealers very well, know where to source them legally in lowest prices, have a lot of spare time and can speak different languages (depends where the requested part is located) you probably do not need our services, best of luck!

What is included in the offer I receive from MAFERLA?2019-03-22T14:58:30+00:00

In our offer you will find: a detailed description of each requested part with colour code + pictures, price, waiting time (the date we will ship parts), delivery costs, Incoterms and all other important information depending on the country you are ordering from.

Can I get parts in the colour code I require?2019-03-07T09:16:47+00:00

Sometime requested parts are available in the desired colour but obviously not as a rule, everything depends on availability.

What are the ways to pay?2019-05-15T11:20:40+00:00

You can pay by PayPal, Bank Transfer, TransferWise and Master or Visa cards in the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD & CNY, please contact us for details.


Why do I have to pay upfront?2019-07-31T11:19:26+00:00

As explained in HOW IT WORKS section, we are the broker between buyer and seller and do not keep stock of parts.

What kind of parts you are selling?2019-07-31T11:19:46+00:00

Please look at the OUR OFFER section of this website.

Is there a minimum order value?2019-12-23T13:30:07+00:00

Yes, the minimum order value is 3000 EUR.

I am a business buyer can we sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement)?2019-03-07T09:13:31+00:00

We do understand that as a business owner you take care of your trade secrets, we are very happy to sign NDA.

Do you offer discounts for business/professional, regular buyers?2019-03-07T09:12:54+00:00

Yes, we do have a discount program in place.

How long do I need to wait for ordered parts?2019-03-07T09:12:16+00:00

Everything depends on the complexity of order if it’s just single part it will be sent in 5 working days from the day we receive the money into our bank account. If you request a set of parts (e.g. front bumper, wings, headlamps, bonnet etc.) and parts are available in a different location we will need more time to gather them and prepare for shipment. On every occasion, details of waiting time will be specified in our offer.

What courier companies are you working with?2019-10-02T08:28:58+00:00

We do work with DHL, UPS, FedEx, Schenker, Parcelforce and many other smaller companies to choose the best offer for specification of shipment (e.g. wooden pallets, undersized items, wooden cradle shipment etc.) and destination. The mix of these two factors determines delivery price and this can be significantly different for each service provider.

Are the shipments insured?2019-03-07T09:58:26+00:00

All shipments can be insured for 100% of their value, in our offer we will give you costs of insurance depending on order value.

Can I arrange my own transport?2019-03-07T09:09:38+00:00

Yes, you can arrange own transport if this will be more convenient for you.

Can I collect parts in person?2019-03-07T09:09:08+00:00

You can collect parts yourselves form our locations in the United Kingdom, Germany or Poland (depends on which market we sourced them). Anyway, the upfront payment is still required.

Will I receive an invoice for ordered parts?2019-03-07T09:08:41+00:00

Yes, invoice with detailed information (description, quantity, price etc.) will be attached to every shipment, you will also receive it by email.

Who is responsible for preparing customs/shipping documentation?2019-03-07T09:07:32+00:00

We will prepare all documents for shipping and customs clearance (e.g. an airway bill, a bill of lading, or a truck bill of lading, a commercial invoice, a certificate of origin, an insurance certificate, a packing list etc.)

Who is responsible for customs duties?2019-03-07T09:07:02+00:00

As a buyer, you are responsible for import tax.

What are the Incoterms for orders?2019-03-07T09:06:27+00:00

Usually its EXW, contact us if you require a different solution.

Are your parts fully legal?2019-04-05T12:32:01+00:00

Yes, all parts are bought in registered companies with invoices and are fully legal.

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